Tati Rabell mixes Reiki, Shamanic healing, Sound Healing, Crystals and other forms of Lightwork to create a portal of high vibrational energies for her clients. Working within the upper realm with Spirits, Sacred Geometry, Angels, and other upper dimensional beings to better understand the specific needs of each person, she elevates the person to a safe inter-dimensional space where healing can take place in its purest form. Tati’s sessions tend to be deeply transformational and revealing, all while being also a relaxing experience filled with love, light and rejuvenation.

- Certified Reiki Master Practitioner and Teacher
- Certified Pampamesayoq Curandera in the Inca Andean tradition
- Trained Shamanic healer in multiple Mesoamerican traditions
- Trained musician, multi-instrumentalist & vocalist
- Certified Therapist in Basic Ayurvedic Massage

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Tom is a Certified Reiki Master, and Andean Pampamesayok Shamanic initiate. Combining these modalities with Energy Clearing, Spiritual Counseling, Tarot & Runic divination and channeled Spirit work to help his clients heal, clear and connect with their true self.

Tom utilizes his natural ability to see beyond the veil with advanced techniques that will help you find troubled areas within your energy body and heal multiple forms of trauma. With years of experience in the arts of divination and intuitive readings, his healings and counseling will help you reconnect with your soul’s path, while his energy work will help you feel openhearted, refreshed and revitalized.