Shamanic Healing: Entity Removal, Energetic Extractions & Soul Liberation

Sometimes our body can adopt certain dense energies that do not belong to our essence, and we can carry these parasitic entities with us for a long time without noticing. Symptoms can appear in the form of lethargy, sadness, depression, anger, or sometimes even extremely dark or violent visions that feel as if something external had taken over our subconscious. At times, these energies lodge themselves in a specific area of the body, causing physical ailments in addition to emotional or psychological symptoms. Other times the person can suffer from a mild or severe full possession, often without noticing that many of their usual behaviors are not coming from their true self, often feeling weak or enslaved by what they perceive are mere psychological challenges. 

By working with the spirits, Angels and guides, as well as using aura reading techniques, the healer / shaman identifies these energies and works within the energetic body to remove them. This removal or Soul Liberation will instantly help the person feel more energized, peaceful, hopeful, in control, and more able to continue doing the healing work and the journey into themselves. 

Additionally in other scenarios the energetic body can be plagued by strings or webs created (consciously or unconsciously) by other people - typically past lovers, family members or past life contracts, which the shaman can work to remove. Immediately after the removal the person tends to feel lighter, more free, and “more themselves” than before the session.