The next steps

We're very excited to have you as our guest, and look very much forward to assisting you on this forthcoming journey. Below we have laid out some of the things you need to know, how to prepare things you need to bring, plus our terms, payment info and release forms.


Preparing yourself

To be purchased as early as possible:

  • Flights
  • Travel Insurance - should be purchased to include medical expense coverage, trip cancellation, unexpected occurrences, etc.

To be emailed to us asap prior to your trip:

  • Flight information, insurance information, In case of emergency contact, Passport information, Personal dietary restrictions, and other relevant personal info
  • Signed Release Form 

Dietary Guidelines:

In order to prepare to receive the medicine and let the medicine work longer in you, we strongly recommend that participants considerably reduce or eliminate for at least a week before the retreat the following:

  • Red meat and Pork (free-range, non-GMO chicken and fish are ok)
  • Salt
  • Processed Sugars
  • Chili & spices in general
  • Fried foods
  • Fermented foods
  • Dairy
  • Energy Drinks (if you must have caffeine, green tea is best)
  • Alcohol
  • Marijuana 
  • Illegal drugs, especially ecstasy
  • Chemical medications of any kind, excluding natural supplements or vitamins (if in doubt, please feel free to ask!)
  • Additionally, three days before and after the Ceremony sexual abstinence should be observed for the purpose of keeping available our vital energy for the experience 
  • **Recommended to keep these practices at least one week after retreat**

Emotional and Mental Preparation:

At least one week before the first ceremony, we recommend engaging in contemplative practices regularly, such as meditation, yoga, hiking and/or journaling on intent; meditating on your intention for the retreat. As much as possible stay away from disruptive sources.

    Ground Transportation:
    Please consult us for transportation details for your specific retreat.


    • First and foremost, please use your own discretion as to what personal effects/comforts you may need  
    • Bring warm clothes and a light winter/rain jacket
    • Comfortable / warm clothes for ceremony
    • Bring any prescribed medications approved by the shaman prior to travel (Let us know what those are if not in application)
    • Bring camera and any related equipment or accessories
    • Bring Peruvian soles (ATM/Money exchange available in town) for anything that is not included, such as taxis, laundry services, additional spa services, tips for massages or healings, souvenirs, snacks or excess baggage— **Be sure to let your bank know of your travels
    • If desired, bring snacks such as nuts or health bars (All main meals are included, yet you may want these for outdoor activities such as visiting Sacred Sites)
    • Begin a weekly practice to prepare yourself physically for the trip/altitude and help make it more enjoyable (Coca leaves & Tea are extremely helpful with altitude sickness once you arrive)   
    • Bring good hiking shoes and slippers for ceremony
    • Visit your physician or seek professional help in discerning whether there are any further medical precautions you should take
    • Bring an open mind and an open heart, along with your healing intentions!



    To confirm your place in the retreat we require a non-refundable deposit of $825, this is mainly due to our limited spaces and having to turn down guests once spaces fill up. Once submitted we will send you a balance statement for the remainder including your chosen retreat options. The remaining balance is payable anytime up to two(2) weeks prior to retreat and is fully refundable within 48 hours of cancellation, if cancelation is requested prior to the first day of your retreat.

    Should you want to change options once at the retreat, say additional services or extended days, don't worry, just give us a little notice and we will settle the balance in person.

    Use the PayPal link below to securely pay the deposit of $825. You will be redirected back to our site after you complete your transaction.