About Kali Wasi



We are Healers and Lightworkers, currently based in the beautiful city of Valencia, Spain!

We offer multiple modalities of Energy work, Spiritual counseling, Shamanic healing, Reiki, Sound healing, & Trauma release - all services offered in person or by web conference. We also offer retreats with guided work for deep healing and inner growth, on the beautiful island of Ibiza.

Our loving team aims to aid all Kali Wasi visitors on their path to wellness, by offering a safe space of nurturing, revitalization, education and restoration.


Kali is the Tantric Goddess of Death and Spiritual Rebirth, the Divine Mother of the Universe. She is often venerated for her ability to destroy demons. The death brought about by Kali is that of the illusory and egoic 'self-centered' view of reality and attachment to the body. In surrendering to her force, we are reborn into love and the liberated condition through the awakening of our True Nature and Eternal Being. 

 We believe in the transformative power of this "little death" as it helps us let go of old habits, unnecessary suffering and outdated beliefs constructed by the ego, which endlessly forges meaning and identity out of past experience; a composite, if you will, of our myriad feelings, programming and thoughts. This creates a flawed view not only of ourselves, but our world in which we live and play a leading creative role. The act of bringing our shadow into light and releasing the guilt, pain and shame we harbor - allows us to see ourselves as human and worthy of the forgiveness we so deserve. This seemingly challenging task liberates us to venture forth with a balanced and healthy new outlook fueled by joy, openness, love and light.