Psychic Healing:

Past Life or EARLY LIFE Trauma Healing & Karmic Contract release

The psychic healer can access past lives or stored early life trauma to locate incidents that may have remained unhealed - which in turn causes them to be recreated in multiple ways within the current life. By accessing these events and breaking the chain of their lasting effect (by either releasing contracts, healing wounds or simply leveraging the information to understand current behavior), the healer can help finally release this trauma and open the path to a fuller life.

Angel therapy, Psychic Surgery & Cross-dimensional Healing

By connecting with the spirits, the Akashic Records and the upper dimensions, the psychic healer creates a portal where multi-dimensional beings converge on the physical plane to assist the receiver with any of the following: removal of entities, unhealthy attachments, soul contracts, physical illness, and quite often a complete restructure of the light body of the person. These intense healings bring about a total transformation for the receiver. After these sessions many report feeling completely in touch with their full self, and in complete remembrance of what it feels like to embody one’s original essence.