Reiki is a relaxing & rejuvenating healing practice where the energy worker uses her hands to channel Light, Divine Love, or Universal Life Force / Prana into the energetic body of the receiver. This infusion of Light energy helps the person clear energetic blocks, healing deep wounds and allowing for regeneration of the whole being. Additionally, other types of Lightwork can be used by the practitioner combined with Reiki to further connect with the upper dimensions or to better align the chakras. Light therapy and Sacred Geometry healing can be useful tools towards elevating the receiver to the Angelic realm or for creating a sacred space to absorb any negative energies that may surface. Color therapy and Crystal Healing additionally can be very useful to align and unblock the person’s full chakra system.


Reiki classes & Level 1-4 certifications

We offer Reiki classes along with the attunements for each level as follows:

Level 1 - the activator symbol (opens up the practitioner to the Universal life force / Reiki energy)

Level 2 - The purification symbol for clearings, and attunements for long distance healing

Level 3 - Master practitioner (Becoming a portal of Light) attunement and certification

Level 4 - Master Teacher attunement and certification