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9 Day Plant Medicine Retreat in The Sacred Valley of Peru

Trust & Surrender

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It is our belief that this work is life-changing for the committed attendee. The healing properties and effects of plant medicine combined with healing practices & education are second to none. Kali Wasi prides itself on hosting intimate groups (4-8 guests per retreat) so that each participant can receive the one-on-one attention that this great internal work deserves - both from our healers and the Spirits of the medicines during ceremonies, and the retreat at large.

This retreat consists of three Ayahuasca ceremonies, one Huachuma (San Pedro) ceremony, multiple yoga classes, qigong classes, a Rapé ceremony and a Cacao ceremony. One-on-one Healings, Reiki sessions, Esalen massage, acupuncture & bodywork, group healing and sound healing, as well as Spa packages. All in the beautiful landscape of the Sacred Valley of the Incas.

9 days, 8 nights starting at $1650
There are also additional options for an extended stay.

Prior to Retreat:
- Meditate on your intentions
- Schedule personal treatments: 1:1 Reiki Healing, Esalen Massage, Spa session, Acupuncture
- Purchase Travel insurance
- Adjust to altitude - recommended to stay at least a day in the Pisac area before retreat arrival. Lodging options available! (Note Cusco is significantly higher and thus not recommended as first destination if sensitive to altitude). 

Pricing is listed at the bottom of page.

Retreat Itinerary

DAY 1:

  •  12pm Cusco pickup, 1pm Pisac pickup

  •  Lunch

  •  Welcome ceremony - intentions setting, crystal activation, fire ceremony prep

  •  Free time for: Getting settled, getting to know one another, walking or generally relaxing into your home for the week

  • Dinner

  • Rapé Ceremony

Kali Wasi Temple

Kali Wasi Temple


On our first day, we will arrive at our retreat center in time for a light medicine-friendly lunch. Our home center is located in the beautiful town of Taray, right in the midst of the Sacred Valley of the Incas. The sacred mountain Apu Linli stands tall over our home, along with other beautiful mountains and green pastures that surround us.

During our Welcome Ceremony, we will initiate a few items & practices that will accompany us throughout our journey:

  • Gifted crystal - On this day, we will gift you a crystal, which you will be charging throughout the retreat in the different ceremonies. This crystal will then be charged with all the energy from the magical area of Sacred Valley, as well as with all the lessons from your journey, for you to take home.

  • Fire ceremony items - During this welcome ceremony we will take time to write down our intention as well as those things we want to let go of. We will revisit these at pivotal times throughout the retreat to track and observe how the work we are doing is reflecting our original goals. This written work will gradually evolve, to be burnt in our final Fire Ceremony as a final release and celebration

  • Our intention - During this ceremony we will share our healing intention, which we will individually track & further develop throughout the week. *During the days prior to the retreat, please take time and space to meditate on that which you would like to heal, as well as your purpose or intention in joining the retreat. This type of meditation will allow you to better prepare yourself to receive the gifts that the medicine and all other events will have in store for your healing.

For our first evening, we will offer you a Rapé ceremony. Rapé is sacred tobacco powder from the Amazonian jungle that is blown into the nostrils with a special pipe or Tepi. The benefits of this medicine include: clearing the mind, clearing energetic blocks or entities, grounding, chakra alignment, and Third eye decalcification amongst others. This medicine can enhance your overall well-being and immune system, as well as help you open up to receive your first Ayahuasca ceremony, or help move any remaining emotions that are ready to be cleared.

Shamanic Snuff

DAY 2:

  • Qi Gong

  • Breakfast

  • FREE TIME: 1:1 Healings, Massages, Spa, visiting town, Acupuncture or Rest

  • Lunch
  • River walk & meditation

Aya Ceremony commencement: 7pm
Puja (Ganesha)
1st Ayahuasca ceremony

Our Shaman Paul Diamond

Our work with Ayahuasca, the sacred Master Teacher or Mother Vine, will be led by a wonderful Shaman with decades of experience named Paul Diamond. In addition to studying the art of this sacred plant with Amazonian shamans and other teachers, Paul has also spent decades of his life studying multiple spiritual modalities, which he seamlessly integrates into his ceremonies for deeper healing.


On our second day we start with a Qi Gong class led by our Shaman, Paul Diamond. The benefits of Qi Gong are countless and include activating the energy (Chi or Qi) channels throughout the body, as well as energizing, clearing, and overall well-being. This class will also help us open up to receive our first medicine ceremony.

After breakfast, you will have free time to rest, receive massages, visit the Spa, or visit the town of Pisac, which has a beautiful traditional market along with other shopping and restaurants. Some of you may have your complimentary 1:1 healing scheduled during this time - please dress comfortably and come ready to receive nurturing, relaxation and further insight into your journey. For more info on the 1:1 healings, see here.

After lunch, we will go on a beautiful river walk together. The Pisac river trail borders the ancient Pisac ruins and is thus filled with powerful energy, aside from being a gorgeous natural setting. This nature walk will further help us enter a peaceful state of mind, in preparation for the evening's Ayahuasca ceremony. We will return in time to retreat to our rooms for meditation, resting, journaling, or simply getting ready for our medicine ceremony.

Our Ayahuasca ceremony will start with a Tantric Puja (spiritual invocation and journeying for intercession and guidance), this first evening to the Tantric God Ganesh, opener of doorways and remover of obstacles. This beautiful ceremony will create a safe sacred space where we will then stay to drink our medicine and start this deep journey into ourselves.

Day 3:

  • Yoga Nidra

  • Breakfast

  • FREE TIME: 1:1 Healings, Massages, Acupuncture, Spa or Resting

  • Lunch

  • Restorative Yoga

  • Dinner


Our third day, we start with a Yoga Nidra class, where we will journey to a sleep-like state
to activate different parts of our energy body for deeper relaxation & integration of our medicine ceremony. On this day, we will also check in with our original healing intentions, adding any new insights or goals developed from our first Ayahuasca ceremony. In the early evening, we will have a restorative Yoga class to help clear the mind and reconnect with our bodies in a gentle loving way.

**The Unucha Spa - See packages at the bottom of itinerary

Day 4:

  • Breakfast

  • Sacred Site: Kinsa Cocha - Ceremony at site / Drum meditation + picnic lunch

  • FREE TIME: 1:1 Healings, Massages, Spa, Acupuncture or resting

Aya Ceremony commencement: 7pm
Puja (Kali)
2nd Ayahuasca Ceremony


After breakfast on Day 4, we will travel to Kinsa Cocha to receive the magical energy of these sacred lakes. At 4000m in altitude, this remote region is a beautiful sacred land where we can make an offering to Pachamama (Mother Earth) and thank her for our journey. We will do a short ceremony in the form of guided breath work and Shamanic journeying with Drum Meditation. The sounds of native drumming and chanting will allow you to journey into yourself and give way for all the learnings from the week to come to the surface. We will then share our journeys in an exercise of integration that will help solidify the lessons the medicine has taught us, so that we can carry them with us to our daily life.

After our visit, we will take some free time to replenish.

The Puja for this evening will be honoring the Tantric Goddess Kali. During this our second Ayahuasca ceremony, we will have the chance to release all parts of ourself that are ready for a rebirth. Kali nights can be a great overall purge of the old self to make way for the new.


Day 5:

  • Gentle Yoga

  • Breakfast

  • FREE TIME: 1:1 Healings, Massages, Acupuncture, Spa, visiting town or Rest

  • Lunch
  • Sound Healing / Group Integration

  • Dinner


We will start our fifth day with a nourishing Gentle Yoga class, and for most of the day, we will have free time to rest, get healings, acupuncture, massages or hike. On this day, we focus our energy on our intentions, what we’ve learned so far and what we’d like help with during the second half of our trip.

In the afternoon we will share insights about our journey, and then receive a group Sound Healing using crystal bowls, Tibetan singing bowls, chakra chimes, drums and other healing instruments. Sound baths can be a magical way to get us in touch with our subconscious, allowing the body to relax, restore and be nurtured, all whilst aligning our chakra system and clearing our energy body.

singing bowls

Day 6:

  • Qi Gong

  • Breakfast

  • FREE TIME: 1:1 Healings, Massages, Acupuncture, Spa, visiting town or Rest

  • Lunch

  • San Pedro / Huachuma Cutting & Prep

Ayahuasca Ceremony Commencement: 6:30
Sit down Q & A with Paul
Puja (Shiva)
3rd Ayahuasca Ceremony


On our sixth day, we will start with Qi Gong to help integrate our healing journey, as well as prepare our bodies for the final evening ceremony. After breakfast, we will take free time to hike, rest, visit town, get massages, healings or acupuncture, or go to the spa.

In the early evening we will come together to cut and prep the cactus for our Huachuma ceremony. This will give us all the chance to start infusing each our own intentions into the medicine! Also for those who would like to visit the town of Pisac on this day, we will offer references for medicine-friendly restaurants, local stores and sites to see.

For our third ceremony, we will do our Puja to the Tantric God Shiva, and drink Ayahuasca together for one last time.

San Pedro

Day 7:

  • Breakfast
  • FREE TIME: Available for 1:1 Healings, Massages, Spa, visiting town or Rest
  • Lunch
  • Huachuma blessings
  • Basic Yoga class
  • Cacao Ceremony & Integration Circle
  • Dinner


Cooking Huachuma

After breakfast on the seventh day, you will have free time to integrate, rest, get healings, massages, hike, or walk around town.

Then in the afternoon we will come together while we cook our medicine for next day’s Huachuma ceremony. This will give us all the chance to infuse each our own intentions and blessings into the batch we will be drinking the next day.
We will also be singing medicine songs into the brew for added blessings.

In the early evening we will then regroup for a revitalizing yoga class, and then end the evening with a Cacao ceremony!

Cacao tea is a sacred and ancient brew, with heart opening properties (our recipe has been handed down from the Mexican Mayan tradition). This ceremony will greatly help balance our emotions and energy, as well as rejoice in the hard work completed & the progress achieved.


Day 8:

  • Travel to Huachuma site 
  • San Pedro / Huachuma ceremony
  • Yoga Nidra / Guided intention meditation - Dance meditation, Drum meditation, Mandalas, breath work & Rapé
  • Fire Ceremony & Group Medicine songs
  • Goodbye Dinner party


In the morning of our eighth day, we will travel to our Huachuma location for a beautiful nature experience. San Pedro, or Huachuma, as it is known in its native language, is a heart opening, grounding medicine that will help you integrate the lessons from Mother Aya.

We will start our ceremony with a guided meditation to support the start of the journey with our individual intentions. Then throughout the day we will combine other group activities like mandala making, Drum meditation, Dance meditation, guided breath work, group Medicine Songs, Rapé sessions and other offerings that will assist your healing journey. We will then close the journey with a Fire ceremony where we will burn and release everything we are ready to let go of, as well as revisiting the original intentions from our Welcome ceremony.

We will then wrap-up the evening with a dinner party at the lodge, filled with well-deserved medicine-friendly treats!

Dragonfly Huachuma day

Day 9:

  • Breakfast
  • Final Crystal charging & Farewell group circle
  • Ride to Cusco for those who leave
  • Optional Pisac Ruins visit with English-speaking tour guide 

The ruins overlooking Pisac


After breakfast, we will have a short farewell ceremony where we will come together in gratitude, to share final insights from our journey. Here we will also perform a Magic Crystal ceremony where we will finalize the charging and activation of our gifted crystals, so that you can then carry the energy of the full journey wherever you go..

Those of you who decide to stay for the afternoon tour will visit the Inka Ruins of Pisac. Once at the Pisac Ruins . Since our energetic body will be clean and open from the previous night’s ceremony, you will be receiving the ancient sacred energies of this magical site to aid and guide your ongoing inner journey.


Base cost - $1650*, includes:
- 3 Ayahuasca ceremonies
- 1 Huachuma ceremony with Fire Ceremony
- 1 Private healing session 90 minutes (see
- 1 Esalen Massage with Mathieu Robards 90 mins
- 1 Unucha Spa session: Outdoor Herbal Bath (See Extras section below for added services)
- 1 Cacao ceremony
- 1 Rapé ceremony
- Yoga, Qigong & Yoga Nidra classes
- 3 Pujas
- 1 Gifted crystal plus ceremony
- 1 Sacred site visit + Ceremony
- Multiple group healings / Sound Healings
- All meals (vegetarian)
- Group transportation to and from Cusco/Pisac before and after retreat
- 9-day/8-night Lodging: Shared or private arrangements at modern Peruvian lodge

*$1650 is for single or shared room & shared bathroom.
*$1725 for private double with private bathroom

Lodging: Guests have a beautiful space with shared living room and upper deck with 360° views of Taray, just 1 minute walk from Kali Wasi.


  • Q'ero Karpay ceremony with Andean Shamanic initiation - $200 each ceremony (Inquire for scheduling)
  • Pisac Ruins visit on last day with bilingual guide - $50
  • Acupuncture with shaman Paul Diamond 75 mins - $60
  • Additional 1:1 healings with any of our therapists (one session included) - $60
  • Additional Spa Services (Herbal Bath included):
    • Wood Sauna - $15
    • Sauna PLUS Maras Salt exfoliation - $20
    • 60-min Massage - $45
    • Outdoor Jacuzzi with Hydro massage - $60
  • NOTE: Those of you who would like to stay longer and participate in any of our additional services or ceremonies, we can help you with arrangements!
Q'ero Shaman

Q'ero Shaman

may all beings be happy, may all beings be at peace, may all beings be free