Shamanic Healing: SOUL RETRIEVAL

In times of trauma or abuse, our soul can leave our body to avoid feeling the full impact of the pain. When this happens, a soul piece gets lost in a space between worlds (similar to a purgatory of souls), and the person commonly starts feeling that they are no longer the person they used to be. Whether the person is aware of the trauma or not, this event causes a gap in our energetic body, known as soul loss, which can attract multiple kinds of ailments - such as depression, anxiety, autoimmune illnesses, lack of interest in one’s own life, and even entity possessions that can last years. During Soul Retrieval the shaman works within the Spirit world to locate the missing soul piece and, upon ensuring the patient is fully ready to integrate it, to return the piece to the patient’s energetic body. The shaman will commonly find an earlier version of the person in the realm of the unseen, and commune with this being to understand why it left or what it needs in order to come back. Sometimes the piece is ready right away providing only a few directions for the person to integrate with this inner being. Other times, the piece will guide the shaman to remove certain energies blocking its re-integration, or to take the person through a shamanic journey to an “inner garden” where the soul piece and the person can come together in preparation for integration. One way or another, the Soul Retrieval session helps the receiver reconnect with this lost piece and work towards reintegrating it in order to regain a feeling of wholeness, purity and Light. 

In the event that the person is not ready to receive the missing piece during the initial session, the Shaman will work with the spirits to identify the steps the person should take in their daily life in order to prepare for a gradual integration. This scenario, despite not providing an instant resolution, will allow the patient to slowly transform towards a more whole and genuine version of themselves, in order to create a safe environment for the missing soul piece to return to at a later session. Whether it takes one session or more than one, Soul Retrieval will undoubtedly help the person find their path to healing, and to ultimately reconnect with the person they once were before the trauma- their true self. 



Shamanic Healing: Entity Removal, Energetic Extractions & Soul Liberation

Sometimes our body can adopt certain dense energies that do not belong to our essence, and we can carry these parasitic entities with us for a long time without noticing. Symptoms can appear in the form of lethargy, sadness, depression, anger, or sometimes even extremely dark or violent visions that feel as if something external had taken over our subconscious. At times, these energies lodge themselves in a specific area of the body, causing physical ailments in addition to emotional or psychological symptoms. Other times the person can suffer from a mild or severe full possession, often without noticing that many of their usual behaviors are not coming from their true self, often feeling weak or enslaved by what they perceive are mere psychological challenges. 

By working with the spirits, Angels and guides, as well as using aura reading techniques, the healer / shaman identifies these energies and works within the energetic body to remove them. This removal or Soul Liberation will instantly help the person feel more energized, peaceful, hopeful, in control, and more able to continue doing the healing work and the journey into themselves. 

Additionally in other scenarios the energetic body can be plagued by strings or webs created (consciously or unconsciously) by other people - typically past lovers, family members or past life contracts, which the shaman can work to remove. Immediately after the removal the person tends to feel lighter, more free, and “more themselves” than before the session.



Plant Medicine Ceremonies And Retreats

From depression, to childhood trauma, to even curing more serious diseases such as cancer or diabetes, the benefits of Ayahuasca throughout history have been numerous and amazing. Our team or experienced shamans and facilitators will help you find the best options for your specific healing needs, from single Ayahuasca or Huachuma ceremonies to extended transformative plant medicine retreats. Visit our Retreats page for more information on upcoming events.


Reiki is a relaxing & rejuvenating healing practice where the energy worker uses her hands to channel Light, Divine Love, or Universal Life Force / Prana into the energetic body of the receiver. This infusion of Light energy helps the person clear energetic blocks, healing deep wounds and allowing for regeneration of the whole being. Additionally, other types of Lightwork can be used by the practitioner combined with Reiki to further connect with the upper dimensions or to better align the chakras. Light therapy and Sacred Geometry healing can be useful tools towards elevating the receiver to the Angelic realm or for creating a sacred space to absorb any negative energies that may surface. Color therapy and Crystal Healing additionally can be very useful to align and unblock the person’s full chakra system.


Reiki classes & Level 1-4 certifications

We offer Reiki classes along with the attunements for each level as follows:

Level 1 - the activator symbol (opens up the practitioner to the Universal life force / Reiki energy)

Level 2 - The purification symbol for clearings, and attunements for long distance healing

Level 3 - Master practitioner (Becoming a portal of Light) attunement and certification

Level 4 - Master Teacher attunement and certification


Psychic Healing:

Past Life or EARLY LIFE Trauma Healing & Karmic Contract release

The psychic healer can access past lives or stored early life trauma to locate incidents that may have remained unhealed - which in turn causes them to be recreated in multiple ways within the current life. By accessing these events and breaking the chain of their lasting effect (by either releasing contracts, healing wounds or simply leveraging the information to understand current behavior), the healer can help finally release this trauma and open the path to a fuller life.

Angel therapy, Psychic Surgery & Cross-dimensional Healing

By connecting with the spirits, the Akashic Records and the upper dimensions, the psychic healer creates a portal where multi-dimensional beings converge on the physical plane to assist the receiver with any of the following: removal of entities, unhealthy attachments, soul contracts, physical illness, and quite often a complete restructure of the light body of the person. These intense healings bring about a total transformation for the receiver. After these sessions many report feeling completely in touch with their full self, and in complete remembrance of what it feels like to embody one’s original essence.

Shamanic Journeying, Guided Meditation & Breathwork

With the use of hand drums, rattles, chanting, or other sound healing instruments, the shaman can help you enter a state of higher consciousness, which calms the mind and allows for deeper energetic work to be received. Combining breath work, guided meditation & journeying, the shaman will also help you explore parts of your memory or subconscious where trauma has been hidden, which combined with energy work such as Soul Retrieval, karmic contract release or extractions, can help release trauma. This can often be a profound emotional experience for the receiver, allowing for a fresh perspective that can help in the process of finally letting go.


Sound Healing & Medicine Songs

By use of gong, crystal bowls, tibetan bells, drums, rattle, chanting, pre-recorded sound frequencies pertaining to each chakra, and healing songs (medicine songs), the healer can assist the clearing of dense energies from the person’s field, thus helping restore peace and a sense of wellness.

Space Clearing and Altar Creation

The benefits of Space Clearing and a proper blessed altar are countless. Using Reiki and other magical practices, we will help you clear, build and bless your space, along with helping you create an altar where you can make offerings and focus your intentions & prayers.