Shamanic Healing: SOUL RETRIEVAL

In times of trauma or abuse, our soul can leave our body to avoid feeling the full impact of the pain. When this happens, a soul piece gets lost in a space between worlds (similar to a purgatory of souls), and the person commonly starts feeling that they are no longer the person they used to be. Whether the person is aware of the trauma or not, this event causes a gap in our energetic body, known as soul loss, which can attract multiple kinds of ailments - such as depression, anxiety, autoimmune illnesses, lack of interest in one’s own life, and even entity possessions that can last years. During Soul Retrieval the shaman works within the Spirit world to locate the missing soul piece and, upon ensuring the patient is fully ready to integrate it, to return the piece to the patient’s energetic body. The shaman will commonly find an earlier version of the person in the realm of the unseen, and commune with this being to understand why it left or what it needs in order to come back. Sometimes the piece is ready right away providing only a few directions for the person to integrate with this inner being. Other times, the piece will guide the shaman to remove certain energies blocking its re-integration, or to take the person through a shamanic journey to an “inner garden” where the soul piece and the person can come together in preparation for integration. One way or another, the Soul Retrieval session helps the receiver reconnect with this lost piece and work towards reintegrating it in order to regain a feeling of wholeness, purity and Light. 

In the event that the person is not ready to receive the missing piece during the initial session, the Shaman will work with the spirits to identify the steps the person should take in their daily life in order to prepare for a gradual integration. This scenario, despite not providing an instant resolution, will allow the patient to slowly transform towards a more whole and genuine version of themselves, in order to create a safe environment for the missing soul piece to return to at a later session. Whether it takes one session or more than one, Soul Retrieval will undoubtedly help the person find their path to healing, and to ultimately reconnect with the person they once were before the trauma- their true self.