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Tati Rabell mixes Reiki, Shamanic healing, Sound Healing, Crystals and other forms of Lightwork to create a portal of high vibrational energies for her clients. Working within the upper realm with Spirits, Sacred Geometry, Angels, and other upper dimensional beings to better understand the specific needs of each person, she elevates the person to a safe inter-dimensional space where healing can take place in its purest form. Tati’s sessions tend to be deeply transformational and revealing, all while being also a relaxing experience filled with love, light and rejuvenation.

- Certified Reiki Master Practitioner and Teacher
- Certified Pampamesayoq Curandera in the Inca Andean tradition
- Trained Shamanic healer in multiple Mesoamerican traditions
- Trained musician, multi-instrumentalist & vocalist / Experienced Sound Healer
- Certified Therapist in Basic Ayurvedic Massage



A typical session:
We start with a 20-minute consultation to feel into the person’s specific healing needs. This will be followed by breathwork and guided meditation/visualization to help the person get into a relaxed state of alignment and openness. The meditation also serves to invoke the guides and to create a joint sacred space. Once the person has reached a relaxed state, the receiver will lie down (typically facing up) to receive the energy work in its entirety. Depending on the client’s specific needs the modalities above will be combined in a custom manner to take the person to a deep place of healing, clearing and regeneration.


Alison J. Feb 22, 2017
"Powerful Integration session"
Tatiana gave me my first ever reki and energetic healing and I can't recommend her enough! I have recently been working a lot with plant medicines down here in Peru and my session with Tati was huge in my interagration process. It came after a particularly hard ceremony and she helped me let go of a lot of trama and that aya had shown me I was still holding on to. In particular Tatiana works with soul retrieval and removal of energetic entities- this was a new concept to me but after my session I have a new perspective of the spirit world altogether. I honestly didn't know what to expect going into my session with her but I can say that Tatiana has some powerful medicine to offer that I am still processing understanding weeks later.

George W. Nov 14, 2016
"Life Changing"
Tatiana Rabell was life changing for me. I am a 77 year retired man, who was recently called to study and practice Reiki. Throughout my life I have dabbled in all sorts of new age thinking, including energy healing. I would NEVER use the internet to seek a Reiki Master as my teacher. This time I did, and and was immediately drawn to Tati. and made my appointment. Tatiana is amazing, as a special spirit, teacher and person. She is ageless, but chronologically much younger, and in actuality much older then I am. She has transformed my life. Healing and Love will be my life work until I fly away . She has given me the path to change my dark side and open up the light. She is an Angel, with human flaws, but has evolved to a higher consciousness. Would I recommend her? ABSOLUTELY!!!!

Luke M. Aug 30, 2016
First of all, Tati's energy is amazing. You will feel completely comfortable and relaxed being around her. Through her treatments she has helped me to discover parts of myself that I did not know existed and work through blockages that have been keeping me from living my life to its fullest potential. Her approach is warm and sincere and you know that you are in good hands when you are working with her. She is completely authentic with all of her actions and intentions. Her use and knowledge of a wide variety of tools creates a truly etherial and peaceful experience. I will continue going to her for treatments because I leave each one feeling that I have gained something valuable and important to my life. I am very grateful for the work that she has done for me.

Ryan S. Aug 29, 2016
Tati is an AMAZING healer!!! She creates a container in her sessions that feels still, sacred. She brings a presence of that stillness that facilitates a shift into thoughtless presence, calm. Peace. I feel so incredibly rejuvenated after my sessions with her! She is very connected to what I need during the session and has even shared intuitive guidance with me based on what she experienced in the healing. Powerful!!

Laura S. Jul 20, 2016
She is the real deal. I went to Tati for my Reiki level 1 attunement. I feel SO HAPPY that I followed my intuition with this. From the moment we met on the phone I felt her thoughtful and genuine care for me and my process. The actual training itself was phenomenal. I feel so open and tuned into the flow of energy. I feel so grateful to have chosen such a soulful, loving, and intuitive guide to start me on my Reiki journey. I would recommend Tati to anyone in a heartbeat for a Reiki attunement or a Reiki session. In fact, I look forward to getting a Reiki session from her and feeling her healing energy clear my blockages.